My dear colleagues and friends:
Happy New Year to you all!
The passing Year of Horse has been a year of opportunities for Zhenfa group!

In this year, we successfully closed the acquisition of STR Holdings, Inc. STR has over 70 years of history, holding one of the most respectable brand names in the global PV industry. Today, as ZhenFa group is gaining controlling interest of STR, it means in the history of new energy development, we are in position of successfully integrating eastern and western resources and culture to pursue mutual progresses.

We entered into PV end-market in 2004, the Year of Monkey. In the past 10 years, we have built PV power plants with a total capacity of almost 3000 MW, which is one tenth of the total PV market in China. Ten years have gone by like a flash, and Zhenfa group has been...   [Show details]

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